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He Toki ki te mahi

Māori Mentored Apprenticeships

He Toki ki te mahi is an independent, not-for-profit trust that supports Māori trainees through their apprenticeships in a way that is customized to best meet their learning needs as Māori.

The He Toki Ki Te Mahi trust directly employs Māori apprentices and places them with host employers to undertake their on-the-job work experience. We take care of the employment and administration involved in an apprenticeship by paying the apprentice wages, holiday pay, handle their ACC as well as the apprentices sick and bereavement leave.

He Toki Ki Te Mahi recruits, screens and inducts all Māori apprentices through an extensive and thorough process that includes interviews, referencing and background checks. We also put apprentices through relevant health and safety training and supply the apprentice with comprehensive safety equipment.

He Toki Ki Te Mahi provides the apprentice with a tool loan to help them purchase the required tools and equipment for the worksite. Apprentices will have access to a tool account which builds up for the duration of their apprenticeship.

Part of the security to host employers is a 3 week hand-back guarantee to ensure apprentices meet the minimal requirements and expectations of the host employer. Only the best apprentice trainees are put forward for placement with host employers.

This model mitigates the risks for the host employer and makes the process of taking on an apprentice as close to hassle free as possible.

What extra support do Apprentices receive?

He Toki Ki Te Mahi has the added value of developing individual learning plans for each apprentice and providing on-going mentoring, academic and pastoral support to ensure they have the best chance of succeeding and completing their apprenticeships.

Our staff have extensive experience in managing, mentoring and supporting Māori trade trainees to succeed in their training. Our aim is to create a community of care that supports apprentices and their whānau, and encourages effective engagement with other Māori apprentices, industry and community networks.

He Toki Ki Te Mahi is also closely linked with He Toki Ki Te Rika, the Māori pre-trade training initiative established in 2011 that has prepared up to 800 trainees for opportunities in the Canterbury rebuild. This link allows HTM to work with and nurture the best trainees during the pre-trade training phase and guarantees a ready supply of trainees ready to undertake their apprenticeships in the industry.


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